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                  Quakertown Fire Department

Proudly Serving Quakertown Borough, Richland Township & East Rockhill Township




    “Get To Know Your Local Fire Department”

    The Quakertown Fire Department is an all volunteer organization consisting of
    two stations, Quakertown Fire Company #1—Station 17 located on Broad Street in
    Quakertown and the West End Fire Company—Station 18 located on Park Avenue
    in Quakertown.


    The Quakertown Fire Department provides fire protection and emergency response
    to all of Quakertown Borough, much of Richland Township and a small portion of
    East Rockhill Township. We also promote fire prevention through community
    involvement as well as through a partnership with local schools and day care centers.


    Your Fire Department is also your first line of defense for: Homeland Security, Bio-
    terrorist Emergencies, Hazardous Materials Incidents, Special Rescue Emergencies,
    Disaster Management, Emergency Medical Services Assistance, Fire Police Services
    and Public Services as needed.
    Your Fire Department is supported by donations from municipalities it serves, from
    residents, and local businesses. Yearly, each fire company will request your support
    through a fund drive mailing: Quakertown Fire Company #1—Spring Mailing,
    West End Fire Company—Fall Mailing. Your support of our fund raising events is
    needed and appreciated. Our volunteers host many fund raising events each year like
    our Carnival, Basket Bingos, Flee Markets, Craft Shows, Bingos and Raffle Ticket
    Sales. Just like your homes and businesses, costs continue to rise and your support 
     provides us with the additional funds needed to operate.


    Your Fire Department protects the assets and property of local, national, and even
    global companies located within its coverage area. Last year alone we responded to
    675 responses, spending almost 19,739 man hours protecting families, properties
    and businesses. In 2010 your fire department responded to 450 Fire Responses, 40
    Officer Responses, 102 Fire Police Responses and 83 Quick Response Service
    (EMS) Responses. A total of 12,480 volunteers responded to these emergencies.